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Entrepreneur's Summit:

  • Attend a summit of storytelling, business coaching, entertainment to learn more about expanding or starting your business!

  • We will be featuring several guest speakers, who are experts in their respective fields looking to share their insight.

  • 3 day summit from 9 a.m. PST to 3 p.m. PST

    • Tuesday: ​Business Plans and Finance

    • Wednesday: Licensing & Permits and Business Types & Tips

    • Thursday: Customer Service, Advertising and Marketing Myths

  • Pricing:

    • $7.00 to attend 1 day

    • $12.00 to attend all 3 days

    • The first 20 people to sign up can attend for free!

  • Want to be a guest speaker? If you have a story to tell, and don’t mind being interviewed about your company, goals and accomplishments, consider applying to be a guest speaker at the summit!

  • More information will be given after signing up below!

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