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Socially Stigmatized Pricing

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Socially Stigmatized Pricing Program
To be eligible for this program - you must follow your states income guidelines that is below 60% of the states median income.
Click this link to find your state energy assistance program information. Once you find your state click on the link that says ("Your State Name" Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program)
Scroll down to "Who is eligible for this program" then enter your house hold size. If you meet these guidelines you're eligible.
One of the following required for this program
- Dated SNAP/TAN Paperwork or screenshots
-Unemployment Paperwork or screenshots
- Last W2 Paperwork or screenshots
- Energy Assistance Paperwork or screenshots
For this process: You will find the product you want, pay the non deposit fee and when the rep reaches out to you, its your responsibility to tell them that you're interested in WRACs SSP Program. Please also be prepared to send the required program documentation.
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