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WRAC will put your resume through our ATS: compares it to the job. The best part of this service is the Applicant Tracking System. Wright’s Resumes and Connections will put your resume through our ATS system which will compare your resume to the job description you want and provide the results provided will let you know if the job you want will hire you based off your current resume. An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software application helps many corporations locate qualified applicants easier. In many cases they filter applications automatically tailored to their specific job needs such as skills, former employers, keywords, years of experience and schools attended. Our advice will provide you will the information you need for your resume to pass the ATS Systems which millions of companies are using today.

This service reviews job positions, education, skills and highlights listed on your resume. This advice is usually sent to you via email but a “one on one” WebEx visual session can be requested for an $10.00 upcharge. The advice will also review your resume for grammatical errors and highlight items that needs to be rectified as well as contain additional information that can be added to your resume i.e.; Items that should be taken out of your resume, items that make you look appealing.

*******Booking Services*******
Please note when you are booking your service you want to book for the day you expect your resume to be completed. Normal resume packages take 4 days not including weekends to complete.
There are 3 choices you can choose from as a competition date
1). 4 Day turn around rate (not including weekends)
2). 1 Day turn around rate - comes with an Upcharge (not including weekends) – (Executive, Career package not included)
3). Weekend turn around rate – comes with an upcharge (All packages included)

For additional services please reach out to Wright’s Resumes and Connections.
(WRAC conversations may be used for marketing on WRAC site) Deposits are non-refundable
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