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Can't Find Any More Job Openings?

You log onto a job board and see hundreds of available positions. At first, this may seem overwhelming, but within a few days, you have applied for every single position listed! Now you find yourself with no more jobs to apply for. What happens now? Is there simply no available job for you?

Worry not! Here are a few tips to expand your job search and finally find that dream position you have been looking for:

Find Niche Job Boards

Do not limit yourself to a singular job board! Go out and find some smaller job boards tailored to specific industries and positions you are interested in. Niche job boards cut out the fat by removing positions you are not interested in.

Expand Search Criteria

The same position at two different organizations may come in two distinct names. Do not limit your search by only using one job title! Add or remove words in your search box to get new results.

Network to Find Hidden Jobs

Ask your friends, families, or work colleagues about potential job openings they know about. They might just give you the scoop you need to finally end your job search!

Use Social Media

Search on social media as well for positions since that is the first place many organizations post about new job openings! You may also learn about upcoming job fairs that could offer more potential positions.

Utilize Temporary or Freelance Work

Your desired position may require experience that you do not have, so go out and get some experience! Freelance and temporary positions are an excellent option for short-term commitment, yet still getting solid work experience to put on your resume.

Try Internships

Internships can also act as a great bridge towards your first full-time position. Head over to to start that journey now!

Keep Learning and Upskilling

Don’t forget to invest in yourself. Take online courses, attend workshops, and earn certifications relevant to your desired field. Continuous learning can make you stand out and open doors to new opportunities.

Consider Different Locations

Broaden your geographic preferences. Remote work is more common now than ever before, so don’t hesitate to apply for positions in other cities or even countries.

Stay Positive and Persistent

Job hunting can be challenging, but maintaining a positive attitude and staying persistent will pay off. Your dream job is out there, and with these strategies, you’re one step closer to finding it!

Ready to take your job search to the next level? Connect with us at Wrights Resumes and Connections and let us help you land your dream job!

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