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Angel Wright Ferguson-Word
Founder & President



Welcome to Wright's Resumes and Connections (W.R.A.C), where we redefine the standard of career advancement services. Founded by Angellica Wright Ferguson-Word, W.R.A.C is a testament to her unwavering dedication and passion for empowering individuals in their professional journeys.

Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Angellica's aka Angel early exposure to her mother's perseverance through life's challenges planted the seeds of hard work and determination within her. At just fifteen, she embarked on her first job as an environmentalist, balancing various roles to support her family. Despite the responsibilities of motherhood, Angel pursued her education while working full-time, a testament to her resilience and commitment to growth.

Angel's career path presented her with a pivotal decision: to leave her job or sacrifice her final years of schooling. Choosing the path of perseverance, she completed her education and surpassed the limitations of her initial job offer, setting the stage for her future endeavors.

Driven by a passion for helping others navigate their career paths, Angel began assisting those around her with resume writing and job placement in her spare time. This passion culminated in the founding of W.R.A.C in 2015, a platform dedicated to providing unparalleled support to individuals seeking career advancement and real word experience. At W.R.A.C, we offer a personalized approach to career development. Whether you're seeking assistance with resume writing, interview training, or skill acquisition, we tailor our services to meet your unique needs.


We also extend our expertise to students worldwide, providing valuable internship opportunities within our organization. Our internships offer hands-on experience in a supportive and collaborative environment, allowing interns to develop essential skills and gain valuable insights into their desired field of work. In 2023, Angellica continues to expand her impact, launching an app to streamline the job search process and managing her blog, where she amplifies the corporate training and mentorship. She remains committed to welcoming a new class of interns and assisting more clients in achieving their career goals.

Join us at W.R.A.C and experience the white-glove service you didn't know you needed. Follow us on social media for updates and information, and remember, discounts are available for individuals that are students and those who are socially stigmatized.

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