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Dealing with Unresponsive Recruiters

You feel you just nailed an interview and are told you will hear back within a week. One week passes, nothing. Another week passes, nothing. Yet another week passes, nothing. At this point, you wish the recruiter flat-out says you are not getting hired. Sure, that would be sad, but that would be better than the slow, painful realization that you are not getting hired.

Here is some advice on how to deal with unresponsive recruiters and increase your chances of being hired:

Craft Follow-Up Email

If the time frame that the recruiter gave for an application update has passed, then do not be afraid to send a follow-up email! Briefly ask them about the status of your application and express interest in working for their organization. Doing this properly shows you are itching for the role and care about your career!

Be Persistent, Not Pushy

Follow-up emails are a strong strategy as we just laid out, but there is a limit. Sending emails asking about your application results every single day will not make you come off as a go-getter and passionate, but as impatient and needy. Would you want to hire someone who is impatient and needy?

Stand Out During Interviews

Recruiters may have dozens of applicants for a single position, and we do not want to be lost in the shuffle. To have a higher chance of being remembered, give an interview worth remembering! Ask deeper questions during the interview, show that you did research prior to the interview, and send a follow-up thank you email after the interview. Check out our interview guide to learn how to give a great interview.

Build Relationship with Recruiter

Connect with your recruiter on LinkedIn and engage with some posts from their organization. During interviews, ask a little bit about why they joined their organization and their goals and processes. Forming a personal connection with a recruiter will help them remember you and shows you have good communication skills!

Gain Feedback from Other Sources

The recruiter may not be responding, but others may have the information you are looking for. If you can find contact information of the hiring manager, then reach out! They will most likely have a status update on your application, or at least can give you a more accurate time to expect more information.

Recruiters are People Too

Yes, it can be frustrating when recruiters are unresponsive, but we want to give them time to breathe and respect their boundaries. Unforeseen circumstances may have impacted the recruiter and have prevented them from evaluating your application. Feeling frustrated is perfectly valid, but we should still treat recruiters how we would want to be treated, even if they are unresponsive.

Eager to learn more? Connect with us at Wrights Resumes and Connections and let us guide you to the next stage of your career!

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