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How to Handle Constant Rejection

You log into your email and see multiple automated rejection letters. All the emails say they were impressed with your skills but are not moving forward with your application; constantly seeing these emails is tough. Even more devastating is when you think you nailed the interview but did not land the position. You might have even been ghosted, never hearing back.

Rejection stinks, so here are some ways to handle constant rejection and become a stronger applicant:

Build Resilience and Perseverance

Worrying does not help! Instead of letting rejection ruin your mood, face it and move on. That is easier said than done, but learning to accept rejection will make the job search easier. Put that time you spent on worrying into taking action!

Learn from Rejection

Unfortunately, companies are not sending lengthy emails on why they are not choosing to hire you, so we have to learn for ourselves. If you are not getting any interviews despite being qualified, your resume might not accurately show all your qualifications. If you keep getting interviews but are not hired, your interviewing skills may need to be polished up! Check out our e-book to learn more specifics on adjusting interview strategies!

Develop Positive Mindset

It is all too easy to have a negative attitude and believe you will never find a job. A toxic mindset can create a negative self-fulfilling prophecy where you will not find a job since you will not put in the effort to find a job. Instead, stay positive and set goals for yourself. Applying for a certain number of jobs a day or learning new skills will motivate you and increase your chances of finding a job.

Seek Support from Peers

It may seem there is a job for everyone except you, but many people face rejection daily! We should not spend time being jealous of those who found a job but should be supporting those who are struggling to find a job. That support may be different job-searching tips or just emotional support; it is important to remember that you are not alone.

Adjust Job Search Strategies

If you are landing little to no interviews, it might be time to readjust the positions you are applying for. You may need to apply for positions at a lower level if you do not have enough relevant experience in an industry. You may have enough experience but are not looking in the right places! Perhaps try updating your search terms or try different websites.

Stay Strong!

Giving up may seem to be the easiest solution, but that is no solution at all. Rejection is hard, but we need to let rejection make us stronger, not weaker. There is no single solution that can help everyone find a job instantly, but there is always more to learn and ways to improve. Do not give up.

Ready to keep moving forward? Connect with us at Wrights Resumes and Connections and let us help you finally end your job search!

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