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 Entrepreneur's Summit
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Meet Our Guest Speakers


Iyman Bradwell-El

Discussion Topic:

Customer Service 

Business Name:

Dabi Daughters


Mariah Graves

Discussion Topic: Business Plans & Finance

Business Name: All Things Business


LaMonie Simpson

Discussion Topic:

Helping Others and Motivation

 Believing in Yourself

Business Name:

LaMonie’s Dining Experience


Ebony Bullock

Discussion Topic: Business Plans Speaker Business Name: 1CMBRUH


Abby Ayoola

Discussion Topic:

Finding Vendors

 Business Name:

Abby Ayoola/Naija Wives of Toronto


   Your donation will allow us to bring aboard a host of interns globally, allowing them to gain structure with clear objectives and career goals.

    Your donation will also allow these interns to help a multitude of people looking for career/job coaching, workforce workshops, resume revisions and much more. Coaching is essential mechanism for Wright’s Resumes that has greatly contributed with competitive development and at the same time it has reduced the shortcomings of vocational education.

     No student should be left in the dark, every student should have help and together we are changing the workforce.

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